Lot 44 @ the Black Forest

Lot 44 rocked the Black Forest stage with their epic guitar riffs and extremely loud sound on June 27, 2013. Despite only being together for a year, the four man band have already released an album and began touring. The best part is, these guys are talented. They are bringing back Rock n’ Roll in a generation where it often feels forgotten.

The band released their first album “Do What I Want” in October 2012. Their powerful harmonies, and catchy choruses make Lot 44 easy to relate to for all ages. Their musical backgrounds have provided them with the knowledge and the drive to spread their passion for Rock n’ Roll music across the nation. Telos Studios caught up with the band for an interview in Eugene, Oregon during their “Big Party Summer Tour.”


Lot 44 poses on the University of Oregon campus in front of their tour bus. From the left, Jacob Campbell (lead guitar, back up vocals), followed by Preston Keith (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Kyle Allred (base), and Jordan Carmon (drums).


TS: How did you guys get started playing music together?

Lot 44: We all met in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Preston and I met in Church where we were playing for a youth group, and it developed from there. He ran into Jacob at the University of Arkansas, and then we got introduced to Kyle.


TS: And, how long ago did you guys form the band?

Lot 44: About a year ago… so this has all been in a year


TS: Where did you get the name Lot 44?

Lot 44: The truth of it is, it’s a parking lot on the University of Arkansas campus. Most students call it the Pitt. On game days it’s where rich alumni park, and then during the week it’s just a parking lot for the students.


TS: How would you describe your sound?

Lot 44: Rock n’ Roll. What we’re going for is a new Rock n’ Roll sound, but that’s rooted in the older stuff. You hear the term modern rock a lot and that’s gonna be your Hinders and your Shine Downs, but a lot of them sound the same and have a similar subject matter. We really don’t sound like that, we’re Rock n’ Roll that takes pieces from all the way back from the 50′s and through all of the decades of rock.


TS: What is your favorite song off of “Do What I Want?”

Preston: I don’t have a specific favorite but one of my favorites is called “Hear These Words.” On the album it’s acoustic, but when we play it live we play it full band. It’s really intense and has a lot of feeling to it. It’s a bout a friend of mine who lost her brother in a car accident. The lyrics hit home for a lot of people who have experienced that loss. The words are powerful, and if you’re not listening to the words it just draws you in.


TS: Who are some of your inspirations?

Lot 44: We all really like Foo Fighters. We have a wide range of influences from metal, hardcore, hip hop, everything.

Jacob: I take inspiration from Jazz, in that everything is very subtle, and that’s what I like about it.

Preston: John Mayer is a guy that I listen too. Just the slap picking and rolling sound that goes with that. I’ve listened to stuff from the beach boys too though.


TS: Tell me about crazy experiences while performing on tour…

Lot 44: 89% of the time we play at a venue, we get told we’re too loud. One time we were playing a show in Russellville, Arkansas. It was just a bar, but the ceiling’s were super low. The sound was just shaking the whole place. So we did our thing, and when we got done the bartenders were like you guys have been breaking glasses back here. The glasses were hung up, and were sliding out and smashing on the ground.


TS: How would you describe your fans?

Lot 44: Anybody who likes us is a friend of mine. Our fans are very excited about us. We have a lot of fans young, old, male, and female. We rehearse at Jordan’s house, and his elderly neighbors listen to our music and drink wine. We want to create a universal sound, that has universal appeal. That’s what rock music is, it can stand the test of time.


TS: What does the future look like for Lot 44?

Lot 44: Biggest band ever. Our whole philosophy is just do it. If you look at all the great rock bands throughout history, they just packed up their shit up and started playing music everywhere they could. They did it until something happened, and that’s kind of what we’re trying to do. We’ve been moving pretty quickly, and everything is just falling into place. It’s just being willing to go out and play your music everywhere.

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-Natalie Pomper

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